International certificates and awards obtained by DXN

The Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P) from the Malaysian Ministry of Health in 1995, and the            Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P) is obtained only by pharmaceutical companies, which means that Dexen products are essential food products with high pharmaceutical standards

  • Certificate of Quality Assurance (ISO) in 1999
  • ISO 9002 from the Organization of International Standards and Quality Standards
  • Quality Assurance Certificate I.SO 14001 from the International Standards Organization (ISO) in Singapore in 2000
  • Certificate of therapeutic Goods Management (T.G.A) from Australia in 1999
  • Quality assurance certificate GENATEC
  • Halal Certificates: All products of Islamic Sharia'a compliant products are granted by the Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia
  • Dexen has been awarded a 10-year premium for the leadership and production of Spirulina from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Processing
  • The Millennium Award for Technology and Quality from the Office of the Trade Leaders Club in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007

                Dexen products are 100% natural products so the chemicals added to some products by a few are non-processed organic materials

 You can visit the certification page and see all the international certificates and awards received by Dexen through the following link


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